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Flip the Home you own

Flip The Home You Own

Do you want to maximize your profit on your home?

Get more for your home without having to go out-of-pocket on your own. Whether your home needs a facelift, new kitchen, maybe you want to swap out your evaporation cooler with an A/C unit, add a bathroom, open up the floor plan, add storage, paint, etc… and you don’t have the cash on hand; Don’t worry! Use the cash that our investors put up and watch your home sell for a higher price, putting more money in your pocket.

How It Works

Some of the most common areas where we put our dollars to work

  • Kitchen remodel

  • Install new stainless steel appliances

  • Remodel bathrooms

  • Add an additional bathroom

  • Add square footage

  • Upgrade electrical service

  • Add air conditioning

  • Add new cabinetry

  • Re-finish older cabinets and add updated knobs

  • Install new flooring

  • New doors

  • Install new windows

  • Replace polybutylene plumbing

  • Paint interior of home

  • Paint exterior of home

  • Enhance curb appeal

  • Install a rear block wall or fence

  • Install new water heater

  • Create an open floor plan by knocking down a wall or two

  • De-cluttering and cleaning

  • Staging the home with furniture, art and accessories

Investor Seller Partnership

We bring our trusted investors to the table and they loan the cash needed for your project upgrades. The investor that we work with trusts us and we oversee the project 100%. Your home gets inspected by a licensed property inspector and termite inspector. The AS IS Value, Upgraded Value and Square Footage will be validated by a licensed appraiser. Then the Investor and Seller (YOU) split the profit 50/50 after expenses.